Is there any Method to Check the SEO of my Website New free Method [2022]

Today is the internet age, and if you work online, then SEO is very much needed to succeed. SEO involves searching for low-value keywords and using them in your article or video to rank. If you’re blogging and don’t work on SEO, either learn SEO or quit because blogging without SEO is a waste of time.
I’ll tell you the best keyword research tools in today’s article. What are the best plugins for SEO if you are working on WordPress? If you don’t know about Best Keyword Researcher Tool and Best Plugin, read this article from start to end. If you enjoyed this article, please pass it along to friends.

KGR method link

Best SEO tools for keywords research

Many of the tools for keyword research are paid for. If you don’t have the investment for the tools, I’ll guide you through some free tools. If you have less investment and can’t buy paid tools, I suggest you learn the KGR method for keyword research. KGR is a very fantastic method. You can learn it through YouTube, or else I’ll put a video from which you can understand.

Paid Tools for Keyword research

Uber suggest
keyword everywhere

Free SEO Tools

Google Keyword Planner
Keyword Everywhere
Ubersuggest and Keyword Everywhere are both free and paid. You can also find a good keyword in their free version.

Is there any Method to Check the SEO of my Website

Why do we need to use an SEO plugin?

Search engine optimization (SEO) plugins allow you to do more with your website. They give you more options to customize your site to attract visitors from different search engines. Apart from this, SEO plugins also help in keyword placement. 

Best SEO plugins

  • Yoast
  • Rank Math
  • All in SEO Pack 

Is there any Method to Check the SEO of my Website

Where do I put keywords on my website?

You can add keywords to several different places on your website. The most common location is in the meta description tag, which appears in search engine results. You can also add keywords in the title, the H2, the feature image, the first paragraph, the last paragraph and the URL.

How do I know if SEO is working?

  • You will find out from your Google Analytics (which tells you how many people are searching for specific keywords and how much traffic they’re getting)
  • You have to wait for a long time
  • You can’t see results overnight
  • It’s a long process


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